What damages can be sought in motor vehicle accidents?

After suffering serious injuries at the hands of another person, many Alabama residents know that they might be able to seek restitution through the filing of a personal injury claim. For instance, many such claims arise in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents. However, they might not know what damages they are entitled to after successfully establishing the negligence of the other party or parties.

The damages that can be sought depend on the circumstances. For example, many Alabama residents know that items such as lost wages, medical expenses and future medical expenses can be requested from the court so long as there is evidence to support the amounts requested. Other damages such as mental anguish, disfigurement and pain and suffering will also require some sort of quantifiable evidence.

When a victim’s injuries deny him or her the ability to perform certain activities that were part of a normal life before the accident, it might be possible to obtain damages for loss of enjoyment of life. If the victim is married, his or her spouse might be able to claim loss of consortium as well since the victim might not be able to engage in marital activities due to the injuries suffered. Whether a spouse is awarded these damages depends on whether the victim receives other damages.

These are just some of the damages that victims of motor vehicle accidents can request. There are others that can be sought in a personal injury case depending on the injuries, the chances of recovery and any temporary or permanent disabilities. After an accident in which an individual suffers serious injuries, it would be beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney.

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