Many motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy drivers

Few Alabama residents can honestly say that they have never driven when they knew they were too tired to be behind the wheel. Sadly, drowsy drivers here and elsewhere cause many motor vehicle accidents. If they had heeded the warning signs of fatigue, they might not have tried to drive without being more awake.

The Sleep in America poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that no less than 60 percent of people across the country have driven even though they were tired. Another 37 percent admitted that they could recall at least on occasion where they actually fell asleep while driving in the previous year. It was also discovered that many people are simply unaware of when they are actually going to fall asleep. Therefore, they continue to drive even though they are fatigued.

The National Sleep Foundation provides some clues regarding how to tell when you are most likely to fall asleep behind the wheel. For example, if a driver has trouble remembering the last few miles driven, is rubbing his or her eyes repeatedly and is daydreaming, it is probably time to pull over and rest. Having difficulty staying in the lane is also a sign that there is a problem. Furthermore, many people might not realize that being irritable and restless is a sign of being tired as well.

If more people understood the signs of being drowsy and did not drive when they were fatigued, it could reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents attributed to it. Otherwise, more people will continue to be injured or killed. Alabama residents who lost a loved one or suffered serious injuries at the hands of a drowsy driver retain the right to file wrongful death or personal injury claims, as applicable, against the driver believed to be responsible.

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