Alabama’s Unbelievable Burrito/Drug Arrest

The war on drugs has seen heightened penalties for drug offenders nationwide. Alabama is particularly tough on individuals convicted of even minor drug offenses, forcing many to adopt unique methods in an attempt to avoid detection. However, even the most creative of drug schemes may be caught by the watchful eye of local law enforcement personnel.

Don’t Hide Drugs In A Burrito

Burritos are known for being stuffed with occasionally unusual ingredients. A recent discovery in two homemade burritos in Dothan might be the most unique yet. According to an article in the Dothan Eagle, a woman from Ashford faces multiple felony charges related to the discovery of heroin, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana inside of a woman’s homemade burritos. The charges include felony possession of synthetic marijuana, drug trafficking and illegal possession of multiple controlled substances. The discovery was made during a routine traffic stop.

The arresting officers discovered the drugs contained within two small tubes inside of the burritos. The burritos were alleged to have been nearly bursting from the tubes inside, which contained the synthetic marijuana. The vegetables inside the burrito concealed various Ziploc bags containing methamphetamine, heroin and Xanax. The officers reported that this was the most creative hiding place for illegal substances that they had ever seen. The woman was taken to Houston County jail where her bail was set at $510,000.

Criminal Charges Require Experienced Defense

Because a conviction for even a minor charge like drug possession can result in severe penalties, it is important to take immediate action. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the drug offense case, taking a close look at aspects like whether the traffic stop was performed correctly. The goal is to find any flaw in the prosecution’s case in order to achieve a positive outcome. At The Bloomston Firm, we have a history of success in these matters.