Hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents cause serious injuries

Some stretches of road in Alabama become notorious when they have dangerous curves, poor lighting or other factors that make them difficult to navigate. When motor vehicle accidents occur on these roads, people may become angry and look for people to blame. Things become even more complicated when a person who is thought responsible for an accident does not stop at the scene.

The sun was just setting on a spring evening when a man and his dog were crossing a busy, four-lane street to get to the apartment building where he lived. A friend walking ahead of the man urged him to hurry across the street and was horrified to hear the sound of a truck striking the man and his dog. The dog died at the scene, and the man suffered a collapsed lung, two broken legs and numerous other injuries.

As neighbors screamed for the driver to stop, the truck that hit the man seemed to hesitate for a moment before speeding off. Police are searching for the driver and continuing to investigate the scene of the incident. Investigators have not said whether the driver was speeding at the time, but they assume the front end of the truck will probably have some damage. When the driver is found, he or she may be charged with a class C felony for leaving the scene of an accident in which injuries were sustained.

When people face long recoveries from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, they may wonder how to manage. Bills still have to be paid, and medical expenses simply add to the burden. It can seem overwhelming. In cases like these, victims of accidents in Alabama often turn to attorneys who can help them seek compensation for their pain and suffering and their economic losses.

Source: gadsdentimes.com, “Police searching for driver in hit and run; Daugette Towers resident seriously injured“, Donna Thornton, June 2, 2016