Alabama motor vehicle accidents: Driver sandwiched, hurts back

A rear-end collision can make a driver feel helpless. The driver sitting in traffic may see another car coming up from behind and know there is no way to avoid the collision. When an Alabama driver is rear-ended and then pushed into another car, there is always the chance that he or she will suffer some injuries. Motor vehicle accidents that result in injury may mean a long, painful recovery.

A man involved in a collision recently may be feeling that pain. He was stopped at a red light when a woman driving at a high rate of speed failed to slow down for the traffic and slammed into the back of his car. The impact sent his car into the back of a pickup truck in front of him. The collision was so powerful that it crumpled the hood of the car back to the windshield.

Although the driver of the middle car was walking around, he was said to have suffered a back injury. Back injuries can be debilitating and may require surgeries, hospitalization and physical therapy. Additionally, suffering a back injury may mean lost time from work and disruption of normal family activities.

When a driver fails to stop and causes an accident, other people may suffer the consequences. People in Alabama who are injured in motor vehicle accidents may turn to an attorney who has a proven record of successful personal injury claims. A dedicated lawyer will work to get accident victims the compensation they deserve for injuries due to someone else’s negligence.

Source:, “Three-vehicle accident in Anniston sends two to hospital“, Kirsten Fiscus, June 13, 2016