When it comes to divorce, Alabama couples have choices

Just as it may be the goal of a marriage to stay together, so it may be the goal of marriage dissolution to remain amicable. If a couple in Alabama has been married a short time and agrees on the terms, a divorce may be quick and relatively painless, especially if the couple has a prenuptial agreement. However, for most divorces, having a family law attorney on one’s side can assure that his or her rights are being protected.

Mediation is one way to divorce. It is typically less expensive and stressful than going to court, and both parties have input into the final decisions, individually and through an attorney. One may prefer to have an attorney actively participating throughout the mediation sessions or at least approving the agreement before it is finalized. Couples may also try collaborative divorce where the parties work together, along with a team of impartial experts, to reach a settlement without going to court. These types of alternative dispute resolution options do not work if one spouse is abusive or controlling; otherwise, the process is design to be cooperative and smooth.

The most traditional divorce involves litigation because couples seem to become less agreeable as the process continues. Litigation is common when only one spouse wants the divorce and when couples cannot reach agreements regarding alimony, child support, custody or asset division. Litigation may be adversarial and traumatic, especially if children are involved.

Whichever type of divorce an Alabama couple feels will fit their situation, having an experienced attorney in one’s corner may make such an anxious and contentious process a little less stressful. Every couple is unique, and every divorce brings its own complications. A dedicated attorney will work to make sure one’s best interests are provided for when the settlement is complete.

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