Alabama man arrested for drug crimes may seek criminal defense

There is no question that our country seems to be facing a drug epidemic. The war on drugs often means intense police investigations, sweeping arrests and harsh penalties for those found guilty. Criminal defense attorneys may be quite busy protecting the rights of people accused of drug offenses. Recently in Alabama, a joint investigation by two narcotics units led to the arrest of a man who is now facing charges.

Police had been investigating a 45-year-old man for six months when they pulled him over for a traffic stop. During the stop, the officers searched the man’s car, and they allegedly found methamphetamine, marijuana, pills and a gun. After his arrest, police say they obtained and executed a search warrant for the man’s home.

Police say the search of the man’s home yielded over 8 ounces of methamphetamine ice and 3 ounces of marijuana. They also found drug paraphernalia and several weapons. The man was charged with numerous counts of possession, intent to distribute, trafficking drugs and possessing a firearm when prohibited. During the investigation, police seized two vehicles as well as over $3,000 in cash.

When a person in Alabama is accused of drug crimes, his or her criminal defense attorney will work to make sure none of the rights of the accused have been violated. For example, an experienced attorney may question the validity of a traffic stop or the legality of a search. Many people facing such charges contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that the best course of action can be decided.

Source:, “Guns, cash and cars seized in Alabama drug bust“, June 24, 2016