Motor vehicle accidents often clouded by unknowns

A high school sports community is grieving a terrible loss after a recent fatal accident in Alabama. The collision involved two tractor-trailers and a sports utility vehicle. There were extenuating circumstances in the collision, as is often the case in serious motor vehicle accidents, that prevented first responders from obtaining a clear vision of the accident scene.

When rescuers arrived on-site, they were not immediately aware that the SUV had been involved in the crash. This is because that particular vehicle, as well as one of two tractor-trailers involved, had become engulfed in flames upon impact in the collision. Sadly, a 48-year-old man in the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased victim was later identified as a local high school defensive line football coach. Neither tractor-trailer operator suffered any bodily harm in the tragic crash. Police have launched an investigation to determine how all three vehicles became involved in the collision.

In other Alabama motor vehicle accidents in the past, when immediate family members learned of their loved ones’ deaths, they often pursued justice through the civil court system after determining that another party was responsible. To file a wrongful death claim in court, a spouse, parent or adult child of a decedent may request a consultation with a personal injury attorney. While a loved one’s life can obviously never be replaced, a court can enter a monetary judgment against any party or parties found liable in a particular incident. This type of financial relief is often used by grieving families to help pay funeral expenses and cover other costs associated with their loss.

Source:, “Carver High Coach Identified as Victim in Fatal Crash with 18-Wheeler“, Rashad Snell, Feb. 2, 2017