Divorce: How crucial is timing?

Many people in Alabama will be among those who decide to end their marriages this year. Some estimates state that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Whatever the actual numbers might be, one thing is certain: The process is seldom easy.

Navigating a divorce is often wrought with challenge as various issues pertaining to property, finances or children arise. However, above and beyond such matters, another main concern is often when to have the actual divorce papers served. Some people hold off on divorce plans until they file their joint tax returns.

Others avoid entering litigation during holiday seasons. There are those, though, that choose a holiday (such as the recent Valentine’s Day) to have divorce papers served to their spouses. Although not too common, there have even been divorces finalized on Valentine’s Day. Each person’s goals are different, and there is no definite plan, nor any requirements as to when a divorce may (or may not) be filed. Anyone filing for divorce may choose a time frame that best aligns with immediate needs and overall future goals.

Regardless of the particular timing involved, obtaining an agreeable outcome in divorce is often easier when done alongside experienced representation. A skilled attorney can clarify Alabama law and is always prepared to aggressively litigate any issue as needed. Whether facing problems concerning alimony, child support or property division, chances of finding common ground and successful solutions generally increase by retaining assistance from someone who has represented others in similar past situations.

Source: newschannel5.com, “Divorce Papers Served, Even On Valentine’s Day“, Jesse Knutson, Feb. 14, 2017