Alabama divorce: Child custody exchanges not always amicable

Try as they might, some former Alabama couples simply can’t get along to save their lives. In fact, many have said they can barely be in the same room as their former spouses without getting into raging arguments. Sadly, many children witness contentious outbursts between their parents after divorce, especially during custody exchanges.

A sheriff’s department in another state has developed a plan it believes may help with this type of issue. In the parking lot behind the office, it has set up a “safe exchange zone” where parents can meet to deliver their children when it’s time for a custody exchange. All who use the safe zone are made aware that they are being monitored at all times via surveillance equipment installed on-site.

A chief in the department said the aim is to provide a safe location where a parent can bring a child to another parent without fearing negative repercussions or inappropriate treatment from a former spouse during a custody exchange. Interestingly, the same safe zone site has been opened to online shoppers who purchase items through various e-commerce sites, such as eBay or Craigslist. When the time arrives to pick up the items they have purchased, they too can arrange to do so at the safe zone.

Divorce is difficult enough without a parent having to worry that a fight is going to break out every time a child is dropped off to the other parent. Anyone in Alabama who wishes to discuss the possibility of finding and using a safe zone for child custody exchanges may contact an experienced family law attorney in the area. It might even possible to include instructions requiring  child custody exchanges to take place in certain locations in a court order.

Source:, “Safe zone established for child custody, internet purchase exchanges“, Feb. 18, 2017