Dangerous intersection scene of many motor vehicle accidents

A woman who made her living taking care of others recently suffered an untimely death that has left her family shocked and grief-stricken. Traffic officials say there have been at least 22 motor vehicle accidents in recent years at the same Alabama intersection where the woman was killed in a crash. In this particular incident, it appears another motorist’s negligence may have been the cause of the accident.

Witnesses say the woman, who worked as a home health care nurse and was on her way to take care of a patient, was traveling through the intersection on a green light. A tractor-trailer that should have stopped at a red light apparently failed to do so, ramming directly into the woman’s vehicle. Preliminary investigations show the truck driver may not have even begun to apply brakes until after the truck was on top of the other vehicle.

Video surveillance of the intersection suggests an ongoing problem of motorists running red lights there. The recent accident has solidified concerns regarding lack of safety measures that make the crossroads dangerous to all motorists. In the past, fatal accidents occurring at the same location have led to upgrades in traffic safety devices, changes in speed limits or other regulations to decrease chances for collisions.

When motor vehicle accidents in Alabama result in deaths of victims, immediate family members may pursue justice on the behalves of those who died. Monetary judgment may be sought against any party deemed negligent in a crash. Obviously, no amount of compensation can ever replace the loss of human life; however, successful litigation can provide monies to help offset funeral expenses or other costs associated with an accident victim’s death.

Source: alexcityoutlook.com, “Accident raises concerns over lack of safety measures“, Mitch Sneed, Dec. 18, 2016