Multiple motor vehicle accidents result in tragedies in Alabama

Alabama roadways were scenes of tragedy more than once during the holiday season this year. Multiple motor vehicle accidents occurred resulting in injury and more than one fatality. Only those who have suffered similar sorrow can imagine the grief associated with losing a loved one in a fatal car accident at Christmas time.

One of the collisions occurred just after 7 p.m. on a recent Thursday. The driver of a pickup truck apparently veered across several lanes of traffic and collided with a motorcyclist. After midnight on the following day another tragic crash occurred. A Ford Explorer reportedly careened off the road and smashed into a tree.

An 18-year-old passenger who had been traveling in the vehicle was unable to survive his injuries. The driver in this particular situation allegedly fled the scene. Authorities later located and arrested him. He now faces criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. A third fatal accident happened on Christmas Day; this accident is said to have involved a pedestrian.

Motor vehicle accidents occur frequently on Alabama roadways. In many situations, investigators determine driver negligence to have caused collisions. A recovering victim who believes another party is responsible for his or her injuries may seek monetary judgment against that person in court. If the person deemed responsible has died, a claim can be filed against the decedent’s estate. Such situations are often complicated from a legal perspective and may be best addressed alongside skilled and experienced representation from a personal injury attorney.

Source:, “2 dead, 1 injured in traffic accidents during Christmas holiday“, Prescotte Stokes, Dec. 27, 2016