Aggressive criminal defense often equals positive outcome

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Alabama, you may be worried about your reputation. Preserving your good name among family members and co-workers is undoubtedly important to you at this time. One way to increase your chances of minimizing the negative impact of the situation is to retain aggressive criminal defense representation before proceeding to court.

Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI, possession of drugs, minor theft or other criminal offense, you have the right to fight the charges to try to avoid conviction. Depending on the details of your particular situation, a conviction could mean extended time in prison, loss of driving privileges or even being labeled a felon in your criminal record. If you ever apply for a job where a background check is done, your prospective employer will know you were convicted of a felony crime.

That said, not everyone charged with a crime goes to jail. In fact, there are many instances when a defense attorney is able to convince the court that all charges should be dismissed. There have even been situations where attorneys have been able to get charges dropped altogether.

The Bloomston Firm in Alabama has provided successful criminal defense assistance for many clients at both state and federal levels. If you are charged with a white collar crime, sex crime or some type of misdemeanor, our dedicated team of attorneys is prepared to protect your rights and obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf. To begin the process, you may contact our office to request a consultation.