Divorce, holidays and finances: Finding balance between all three

Ending a marriage is seldom easy, and anyone in Alabama who has obtained one when a holiday season was just around the bend likely understands the strain it can place on one’s pocketbook. Holiday or no, recovering financially after divorce is a huge challenge for many. There are several ways to mitigate the strain and move forward toward a successful future.

A first step in regaining financial stability after divorce is to face the situation head on. Coming to terms with lifestyle and financial changes and setting goals to improve one’s situation is not only commendable but a healthy, proactive means for moving forward after a difficult and emotional time. If new to the workforce after having been at home full time, it may take some time before it feels like one’s feet are standing on solid ground.

Switching to cash purchases over credit is another way to improve one’s finances. Simplifying gift-giving customs during the holidays may help as well. Children enjoy spending time with their parents and will likely appreciate homemade gifts or other traditions in lieu of expensive material items.

It is not uncommon to feel isolated or lonely as one forges a path to a new lifestyle. Often, child custody issues or other related matters complicate financial situations all the more. Any person currently facing such circumstances in an Alabama divorce may seek support by contacting an experienced family law attorney who can offer counsel and guidance as to how to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome that doesn’t break the bank.

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