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What does Alabama family law require to adopt a foster child?

Children in the foster care system deserve loving homes just as much as any other child, and many couples are willing to adopt them in order to expand their families. However, being willing to provide a loving home to a child is not enough, and the adoption process can be daunting. Understanding what Alabama family law says about the process could help alleviate at leastContinue reading

Understanding the child custody options available in family law

When Alabama married or unmarried parents decide to separate, it will be necessary to determine what will happen to their children. Most parents want to do what is best for their children, but it can be a challenge to determine what that might be. Understanding the basics of the child custody options available in family law could help parents to formulate a parenting plan thatContinue reading

Couples seek family law advice for remarriage

A recent study concluded that in 40 percent of marriages in the U.S., at least one partner had previously been married. The study determined that the increase in the rate of remarriages is due to rising divorce rates and longer life expectancy, allowing people more time for a second or even third marriage. Because people in Alabama and elsewhere who marry later in life mayContinue reading

When accusations of rape are at issue in child custody proceedings, P.2

We previously began looking at child custody disputes where there are allegations of rape. In states which allow for the termination of parental rights in such circumstances, one of the first orders of business is paternity. If paternity can be confirmed, it is then a question of whether there is any evidence of rape. As we noted last time, there is no law in AlabamaContinue reading

When accusations of rape are at issue in child custody proceedings, P.1

Child custody disputes are, as readers know, among the most contentious disputes dealt with in family courts. It makes sense that it would be so: children are very dear to their parents, and so they can easily be seen as possessions and be used as a way to get back at a partner. Custody disputes between unmarried persons present their own unique challenges, including theContinue reading