Holidays plus DUI arrest equals bah humbug

While you’re enjoying the upcoming holiday season with family and friends, the last thing you need is to be arrested for DUI in Alabama. In fact, that’s probably a sure-fire way of bringing your holiday fun to a screeching halt.

Thinking ahead and knowing what to do if a problem arises are your best bets for avoiding DUI trouble all year through. These ideas may help you stay a step ahead of the game when it comes to celebrating the holidays with minimal party stress.

Don’t overlook the obvious to avoid trouble

Once you’ve made plans to head out on the town or gather at a friend’s house for some holiday fun, you might consider some of these ideas as ways to avoid a DUI arrest:

  • Don’t consume alcohol if you plan on driving.
  • Arrange transportation ahead of time with a driver who agrees to remain alcohol-free for the occasion.
  • Be aware of your own limits if you do plan on imbibing alcoholic beverages before operating a motor vehicle.
  • Know the law regarding the amount of alcohol that may be present in your blood to legally drive a vehicle after drinking.

The above recommendations may help you avoid DUI problems as you kick off a season of celebration and fun.

Seek clarification of laws before getting behind the wheel

Did you know that a DUI charge is a crime, not a traffic offense? Many people mistakenly believe that getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is no different than getting a speeding ticket.

The following is a list of important facts regarding DUI charges:

  • DUI is a criminal offense, possibly leading to time in prison, substantial fines and loss of driving privileges under conviction.
  • Many states include all terrain vehicles, bikes and snowmobiles in DUI laws; understanding Alabama law ahead of time may help you avoid trouble later.
  • Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be subject to a reinstatement fee after a license suspension.
  • You may be required to complete a substance abuse treatment, education and evaluation program, if convicted of DUI.

In addition to having a criminal record, your personal and professional reputation may suffer if word of your arrest or conviction reaches your community.

Be as proactive as possible

That said, not every person who drives a car after consuming alcohol at a holiday party is breaking the law. If you do get pulled over on suspicion of DUI, keep the following in mind:

  • Refusing to submit to sobriety tests may have negative consequences.
  • You may request assistance from a defense attorney before discussing the situation with a police officer.
  • If you believe that a violation of your rights occurred during the process of an arrest for DUI, you may ask an attorney to challenge evidence against you in court or request that charges be dismissed, if appropriate.

By making informed decisions and knowing where to seek support if needed, you can avoid problems often associated with a DUI arrest and focus on building new and happy memories with those you love this holiday season.