Rap star Ludacris wins recent family law battle

A contentious battle has been ongoing between rapper Ludacris and Tamika Fuller, the mother of his child. The family law situation involves accusations that could potentially be very damaging to the rap star’s reputation and career. However, in a surprising turn of events, a court outside Alabama made a recent decision in his favor.

At some point during the custody battle, the little girl’s mother submitted photos to the court as evidence that Ludacris had committed child abuse. The rapper says the images were digitally modified and that Fuller has attempted to deceive the court, and in doing so, has committed perjury. Fuller claims Child Protective Services advised her to prohibit Ludacris from further contact with his daughter.

A rather uncommon ruling was recently handed down by the court regarding the situation. Ludacris was given the authority to demand the removal of any images of his daughter he finds inappropriate from online venues. He was also given decision-making authority where his daughter’s faith, education and medical well-being is concerned.

It is not often that the court would allow a parent to prohibit another parent from posting pictures of a child online. Such situations are often complex and no definite outcomes can be presumed. Often, the results of such cases hinge upon aggressive and effective representation in court. Therefore, any parent in Alabama who is concerned with such issues and would like to seek guidance may do so by contacting a family law attorney in the area. As an advocate, an experienced attorney can help make sure parental rights are protected and children’s best interests are preserved.

Source: ljr.com, “Court Awards Rapper Ludacris Final Say Over 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Life–Then, There’s the Photos“, Jed Smith, Accessed on Oct. 22, 2016