Drunk Drivers Have One More Thing To Worry About

Most people know that DUI charges come with serious penalties in Alabama: fines, driver’s license suspension, increased insurance premiums, jail time and more. Now, people accused of drunk driving have one more thing to worry about: being the target of a scam.

Scammers Target DUI Offenders

Following a DUI arrest, people find themselves under a great deal of stress. For many, this is their first brush with the law. There is substantial fear about how this will impact their future. Now, it seems that scam artists are trying to take advantage of that stress and fear.

An article from AL.com shows an example of how easily this can happen. A scammer posing as a state trooper struck a man the day after bonding out of jail following his arrest. The perpetrator called with an offer that seemed to good to be true.

The caller advised the recently released man that an electronic payment for the fine could be made, court would be dismissed, the charges of DUI would be retracted and some driving school would be the only other thing required of him. Given the duress upon this Alabama man, a thoughtful and clear decision was far less likely, and the results proved as much. He paid the scammer $250, only to learn later that he was still on the hook for the DUI charge.

DUI Charges Demand Experienced And Professional Representation

The old saying is accurate: When an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you have been accused of drinking and driving, nobody is going to be able to simply make the charge disappear. However, the charge can be fought with the help of an experienced attorney.

At The Bloomston Firm, you will find reputable attorneys who know how to identify options for fighting drunk driving charges. From them, you can expect clear communication and realistic information about your options for overcoming the charge or minimizing its impact on your life.